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Admission Procedure

OLA Girls’ College Akwanga, admits students in two categories. The first is through direct admission. Under this guise, a placement examination on English Language, Mathematics and General knowledge is conducted, candidates are expected to score at least 50% of the overall scores to be legible for admission.

After the common entrance examination, an oral test is conducted to ascertain the verbal reasoning of the prospective candidate.

The second category is the remedial programme, ‘the indirect admission’. In this wise, candidates who fall short of the requirements for consideration for direct admission are offered a chance into the one year remedial class. This programme prepares one for consideration and a successful take off in JSS One. The decision to do this is not forced on anyone. Alternatively, one is left with the choice to come and obtain a form to begin the remedial programme. The common entrance examination is conducted by the Catholic Education Secretariat of Lafia Diocese in the month of April every year. It does not matter where a candidate takes examination as far as she takes it in Lafia Diocese. One obtains a registration form from any of the Catholic Institutions and makes her choice of the school.

After the conduct of the Common Entrance Examination by the Catholic Education Secretariat, the school has the prerogative of conducting a supplementary examination for admission. This is done in July/August. OLA Girls’ College admits students into JSS One and Two and SSS ONE.

Faculties, Departments and Subjects:

OLA Girls’ College Akwanga has various departments. These are: Languages, Arts/Social sciences, Sciences and Vocational.Departments/Subjects