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Aim & Vision

Aim, Vision and Anthem:


To educate Girls’ to become women of integrity and competence, with knowledge and values that prepare them for responsibilities in family life and community leadership. They are committed to peace, justice, and care of the earth.


To form young women who will excel in character, moral, academics and make a difference in the society..

School Anthem

Our Lady of Apostles Virgin most pure,
Mother most gentle
Listen to our prayer, mother protect us
Aid to us, bring virgin most powerful Shield us in your care.
Queen of Apostles mother most pure
Virgin most prudent, mirror of justice
Aid to us bring, vessel of hope
honour fill us with your zeal
Queen of martyr-mother of peace,
Seat of wisdom, listen to our prayer
Counsel and guide us, aid to us
being make our dreams of success all come true.