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Cultural Day

Cultural Exhibition Day

Recognizing the fact that we have all come from different cultural backgrounds, the school advocates, “Unity in Diversity”. To make our students embrace this notion/teaching, the school sets aside a day to celebrate as “Cultural Day”. This is done annually with entertaining events. The day always begins with a Holy Mass after which, the celebration continues. The day always coincides with one of the visiting days.

Relatedly, our Vocational and Technology Department which drills students in Catering and Craft and Dyeing and Bleaching exhibit their handiworks. The Catering students cook different dishes deliciously while the Dyeing and Bleaching students exhibit clothes, beads, bags, e.t.c in their exhibition room. Please, encourage children by buying their food and products.

Our Cultural Day/Exhibition will hold on December 6th to 12th, 2019.